Trail Extension Underway

Trail Extension Underway Work to finish the “last mile” of the Northern Rail Trail, plus a one-mile extension – all of which will be known as the Mascoma River Greenway – moved quickly forward this summer. Railroad construction company DeAngelis of Worcester, Mass., lifted rails and ties, preparing the corridor for grading and paving between…


Mile Marker Donors

We want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of The Northern Rail Trail. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful in our goal of restoring the mile markers along the trail. MILE MARKER DONORS 141/2 Clark & Happy Griffiths 140/3 Missing 139/4 Clark & Happy Griffiths 138/5 Schuster, Buttrey & Wing P.A. 137/6…

Grants and Other Stuff

We received official notification that FNRT Grafton County will awarded a thirty thousand dollar grant from the NH Tails Bureau in Concord for surfacing a mile section of the trail from Potato Road to the high bridge in Canaan. Also a mile section of the trail will be surfaced at Zackaria Road just East of Grafton.  Brush clearing  of high branches at the sites will begin soon to allow trucks and other machines to access these sites. Hardpak (stone dust and small rocks) will be spread, graded and rolled on the trail.  Construction will occur after July of this year depending on contractor availability.

Orange and Tewksbury Construction Underway

The job finally began yesterday at 7;30 am on Friday.  We finished the big section in Orange and got half the other job near Tewksbury Pond finished. We will complete job on Tuesday. There were 6 trucks, a roller and a grader all working  together. You had to watch and listen for backing up trucks and make sure you did not get in the way of the roller!! The trucks had to travel an hour from their stone pits in Boscawen. We travelled under the power lines with the trucks with  about a foot to spare…phew.  Yahoo..  It was cold riding my bike back and forth putting up construction signs and making sure the project goes well. We had a flag person stopping traffic..good safe operation. Edmunds has been doing a great job. Here are a few pictures of the crew laying down the hard pak