Orange and Tewksbury Construction Underway

The job finally began yesterday at 7;30 am on Friday.  We finished the big section in Orange and got half the other job near Tewksbury Pond finished. We will complete job on Tuesday. There were 6 trucks, a roller and a grader all working  together. You had to watch and listen for backing up trucks and make sure you did not get in the way of the roller!! The trucks had to travel an hour from their stone pits in Boscawen. We travelled under the power lines with the trucks with  about a foot to spare…phew.  Yahoo..  It was cold riding my bike back and forth putting up construction signs and making sure the project goes well. We had a flag person stopping traffic..good safe operation. Edmunds has been doing a great job. Here are a few pictures of the crew laying down the hard pak 

Ruth Shepard Trail

Coinciding with the Summer opening of the Memorial Pool. The Ruth Shepard Trail was officially dedicated June 18 2012 in Lebanon, NH – connecting the Lebanon Memorial Pool with the Northern Rail Trail. It provides a safe alternative connection for neighborhood children to ride their bikes or walk to the pool. UVTA partnered with Paul…