If you enjoy using the Northern Railtrail here is a unique opportunity to support both maintaining it and recognizing its history. When the rails were removed to create our NRT, the historic granite mile markers in Grafton County disappeared. Over the years there has been a search for mile markers to replace them. Now, authentic 1500 lb. posts from a disused State-owned line in northern NH will be installed along the trail from Lebanon out to Canaan. If you have been on the Lebanon section recently you may have seen the restored mile marker 138 near the former Junior High School.

Erected before the Civil War by the new Northern RR to mark distances from Concord to White River
Jct., the mile markers along the Northern Rail Trail were relocated when the line was absorbed by the
Boston & Maine in 1887. The posts then ticked off the 143 miles from Mile 0.00 at B – North Station,
Boston – to the terminus at WRJ – Mile 142.92 in Vermont. However, the 1,400 lb. granite sentinels
that you will see ahead in the Grafton Co. section of the trail are not those originals, almost every one
of which was flitched when the rail corridor was salvaged in the mid-1990’s. The whereabouts of these
valuable monoliths remains unknown and a reward for their return is outstanding.

The replacements, most likely hand-cut over a century ago in the same quarry in Concord as the missing ones, had been salvaged from an abandoned State-owned line in the North Country. Fourteen were transported and reinstalled in 2014 from the trailhead in Lebanon through Enfild and Canaan into
Grafton. Funding was provided by friends and users of the trail, with a matching grant from the Byrne
Foundation. They were then repainted in the original scheme by Ed Hiller of Andover, NH. Working as
a volunteer, he had restored posts in the Merrimack section of the trail, the majority of which had not
been stolen.

There are still fifteen missing mile markers along the 60 miles of the trail. While a few are known in
Merrimack County – and are being sought from those who claim to own them – others will have to be
made at the Swenson Granite Works in Concord, at a cost of $1200 each. YOU CAN HELP FINISH
THE JOB IN GRAFTON COUNTY. One dollar buys one pound of granite and donations are tax-deductable.

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