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In addition to coordinating the efforts of trail development in Lebanon, Enfield, Canaan, Orange, and Grafton, the FNRT has sponsored its own workdays

The Friends of the Northern Rail Trail in Grafton County (FNRT) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996

dedicated to the conversion of the Northern Rail Corridor.


coordinating the efforts of trail development

Rail Trail BW

in Lebanon, Enfield, Canaan, Orange, and Grafton, the FNRT has sponsored its own workdays..

  • promote the trail
  • through a newsletter
  • write and receive grants
  • create color brochures
  • publish trail maps
  • displays of historic interest
  • workdays and activities
  • landscaping and mowing
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More then 40 000 users every year

  • 2013 Year of Upgrades
    In one of our most productive years, in 2013 we:
    * surfaced one mile of trail east of Potato Rd. in Canaan
    * rebuilt bridge railings over the Indian River, also in Canaan
    * made drainage and surface improvements near Packard Bridge in Lebanon
    * replaced bridge railings on the Lebanon-Enfield town line
    * leant Rec Trails Grant “credit” to FNRT- Merrimack Co. to surface
    over a mile of trail near the county line in Danbury

    tree down
    Ken Warren


Best & most popular of our works

This work has included removing ties and metal, decking bridges, bridge demolition and reconstruction, clearing brush, ditching, signage installation, landscaping and mowing, litter clean-up and surface improvement work


Who we are & what we do

Resurfacing 90%
Decking 80%
Railing 70%
Promoting 60%
Marketing 50%

Hard pack driveway stone is used throughout New England driveways and similar to concrete but provides a more distinctive look. With Hardpack trails and surfaces will withstand severe rains and save grant money on costly repairs for years.

After a rainfall event water should shed off gravel surface quickly and not flow down gravel.  The turf or soil surrounding the driveway should be at a lower grade than the driveway.  By keeping the water off, potholes and wash-outs are prevented.
After installation of gravel, compaction is very important, a heavy roller, truck tires, vibrating roller or plate compactor should be used.

Public safety must always be the first consideration when you are selecting a rail system. Safety requirements are determined primarily by the needs of the expected trail users. Esthetics and the rail system’s fi t with the appropriate Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS)

classifi cation are secondary considerations that often can be met through material selection and/or coatings. Proper signs are another issue that may be a concern when constructing trail bridges. Consult the “Sign and Poster Guidelines for the Forest Service” (EM 7100–15) for more information..

Creates a safe place to play and exercise while preserving your community’s train heritage

  • Write Newsletters
  • Take Pictures
  • Write Grants
  • Clerical
  • Clear Brush
  • Drain Ditches
  • Fix Railings
  • Promote the trail

Do you find the resources on our website valuable? Then please join FNRT  today to support the work we do to keep you on the cutting-edge!.

The FNRT has promoted the trail through a newsletter and local newspapers, as well as at events sponsored by Riverfest, the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, and Eastern Mountain Sports. The Friends have written and received numerous grants

This use includes residents of the contiguous towns as well as many surrounding areas, and from Vermont and Massachusetts and other New England areas. With the surface improvement, the use of the trail has increased exponentially

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