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Setting granite mile marker near Mirror Pond, Canaan, one of fourteen restored between Lebanon and Orange 
Marker along Rt 4 in Orange awaits painting with mileages to Boston and White River Jct.





Ed HIller

Ed Hiller

Ed Hiller of Andover, NH, repainting an original granite mile marker recently recovered and reinstalled on the rail trail. The opposite side reads WRJ 5. Ed has repainted each of the more than 20 mile markers in Merrimack Co., and will do the same when others are found for the Grafton Co. section.

restoring mile markers

restoring mile markers











Original granite mile marker being restored along the Northern in Lebanon. Distances to Boston and White River Jct. will repainted by restorer Ed Hiller.

Last Friday (5/23/14) a work crew ( Dick and Ann Corr, Al Decato, Paul Marshall, Richard Lammert, and Ken Warren) replaced the aging side boards on a small rail trail bridge just west of Sargent Road in Grafton. Everyone had a good time including the black flies. Trail users can now lean on the bridge without falling through. Many thanks to the volunteers that worked on the project. Ken Warren

Dick Mackay and Ken Warren opened up clogged ditches in the Orange Rock Cut in Orange NH on Friday morning. Leaves and other debris from a long winter impaired drainage in the rock cut. We discussed possibly using machines to do a better job at some time in the future. We also discussed raising the trail with about a foot of hardpak to create a deeper ditch and keep the trail dry. In the meantime we will have to use shovels, rakes and muscle power to keep the trail dry during the wet season.

Also we are getting ready to fix the broken side rails on a small bridge just east of the Grafton store in Grafton. Dick Corr will be the lead carpenter and brains of the operation with support from a few gofers and screw gun operators.

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