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Best Community run Trail
I was so impressed the first time I rode on the rail trail. I kept wondering when this thing was going to come to an end or turn into a brambled single track. When I found out it was 23 miles long I really couldn't believe it. It is a real gem and its right out the back door
James Chenoweth, Enfield New Hampshire


Report Damage

report damage

Please join the Mascoma River Local Advisory Committee for the first-ever Mascoma Watershed Summit, to be held on Saturday April 5th at Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, NH. To register online for this free one-day conference of local community organizations, please go to

The summit is planned as a get-together for the members of local community groups, non-profit organizations and municipal boards/commissions to meet each other, share what projects they are working on, and have break-out discussions on how groups can work together and build on each other’s successes. The goal is to foster communication and collaboration among the many local community organizations and groups that are located within the Mascoma River Watershed.

We are very excited to have Assistant Commissioner Vicki Quiram of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services as our keynote speaker.

In addition, we will have a hands-on, interactive model of a stream bed and floodplain… Continue reading

2013 Year of Upgrades
In one of our most productive years, in 2013 we:
* surfaced one mile of trail east of Potato Rd. in Canaan
* rebuilt bridge railings over the Indian River, also in Canaan
* made drainage and surface improvements near Packard Bridge in Lebanon
* replaced bridge railings on the Lebanon-Enfield town line
* leant Rec Trails Grant “credit” to FNRT- Merrimack Co. to surface
over a mile of trail near the county line in Danbury

Download the newsletter here:  Northern Rail Trail Newsletter Spring 2014

We have a rare spotted turtle in the vicinity of next years RTP project in Enfield. I will talk with Fish and Game to straighten out the situation (hopefully). I think Jim Gerding ran into the same turtle a few years back that held up the operation for a year until I called and told F&G that it was a rail corroder in a wetland from yester year. If the turtle become an issue I will try to reach a compromise and do the work after egg laying and hatching of the new rare turtles.

FNRT has been busy gathering information for a new project in Enfield to clean the ditches along the rail trail betweeen Hardy Road and Blackwater Road. We have to apply for a grant to obtain money to hire a contractor to perform the ditch cleaning. The ditches along the trail have filled in resulting in… Continue reading

NHDOT just finished redoing the drainage system in the Enfield Tunnel under Shaker Hill Road. They took all the material out of the tunnel and replaced with 1.5 inch stone, a silt screen over the rock and then covered with stone dust. They also put new under drains in the tunnel. Next they placed a catch basin  just west of the tunnel to catch surface water . This catch basin is in turn connected to a cross trail culvert which leads to the river.  This project should eliminate tunnel ice and stop the erosion of the abutter. As dick said “we have had quite a great year with maintenance on the rail trail “.
The timing was perfect for the tunnel reconstruction; it is raining!!


Here are a few pictures of tunnel drainage remediation last week in Enfield. It is all done.  The new 1.5 inch stone base in the tunnel, rock… Continue reading

We had a soil blowout last summer during the big rain on July 2, 2013. The ditches got filled in with dirt and water has been all over the trail making it very slippery.  We decided to fix the blowout area with large boulders and do some surgical ditching to keep the water moving.

The first photo shows Key Construction filling in the erosion site with large boulders.  This hole was caused by flash flooding this summer.  Second photo shows the finished work. Ditches were cleaned on both sides of the trail near the washout. Hardpack was spread on the surface of the trail near the affected part of the trail.  The 3rd photo shows some ditching with a backhoe. The fiber optic cable is somewhere below…    nerve racking work  The job is now done.  We are working with the NHDOT next week to see if we can lessen the erosion effects of storm water on the trail.